About the Team

Murray McLellan (Host and Writer)

Murray grew up in rural Saskatchewan never hearing the Gospel of Jesus until age 24, when the pursuing God radically changed his life. Murray and his wife, Cheryl, planted Grace Fellowship in Saskatoon in 2011. Since that time, Grace Fellowship has planted 2 more congregations – Grace Warman (2015) and Grace Evergreen (2019). In addition to pastoring, training up new leaders, and church planting, Murray currently serves as the director of Acts 29 Canada Prairies Region.

The Good News Story is a result of three organizations coming together for the glory of the God they love.

Grace Story Team

Led by Clay Bitner, Grace Story Team produces media content that focuses on the beauty of the Gospel. With original artwork by Justin Enns and original music by Markus Bitner, Grace Story Team desired to put their wealth of talent into producing a video series that helps unpack God’s story. 

If you have ideas for content you would like to produce for your church or your ministry, feel free to contact us at hello@gracestoryteam.com or reach out to learn more about members of our team if you would like to hire them for your next project.

Special thanks to our set designer, Sarah MacMillan, production assistant, Wyatt Bitner, and set builders, Mike Friesen and Jared Klassen.

One Hope Canada

One Hope Canada partners with the local church to develop life-long followers of Jesus by clearly communicating the Gospel. Every year more than 30,000 children and youth discover Jesus through camps, community outreaches, and creative ministry strategies.

As well as leading production for The Good News Story Study Guide, the One Hope Canada team was also instrumental in the development and marketing of The Good News Story, alongside Grace Fellowship and Grace Story Team.

Special thanks to executive producers Pete Stenstrom, Ryan Skaling, and Bill McCaskell, as well as Kelly Rempel (managing editor and social media coordinator) and Roland McQuade (content producer).

Grace Fellowship of Saskatoon

Without the faithfulness of the people who make up the local church of Grace Fellowship, this project would not be possible. From the prayers to the feedback during seminars to the reminders of how this material could impact more people, it’s a blessing to have a church be willing to give time, finances, and their encouragements to see this project take shape. In regards to the Good News Story, Grace Fellowship has done an amazing job of truly demonstrating what it looks like to learn it, live it, and share it.