Journey through the Bible with this in-depth, 9-part video series and illustrated study guide. Discover the life-transforming good news of Jesus!

The Good News Story

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It is easy to be overwhelmed by how much there is to learn and know in the Bible—The Good News Story describes the fullness of God’s story in seven words! A powerful tool that will bring us back to God and who HE is as we read Scripture.
Melissa Ong
The truths presented in this series have given me a greater excitement about my life in the day to day grind by showing me how my life fits into the greater story of God's amazing redemption through Christ.
David Armstrong
The Good News Story equips new believers to understand the purpose and redemptive nature of the Bible while allowing more seasoned believers to ponder everything in light of this better story. Truly if we understood this fully we would see answers to many of the world’s problems.
Matt Fyfe

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